The most popular form of online advertising - statistics

The most popular form of online advertising - statistics

Technological developments mean that online marketing continues to evolve. Currently, it enables advertising activities to take on a completely different dimension than just a few or several years ago. In this article, we look at what is the most popular form of online advertising. Perhaps this knowledge will be a signpost for you on how to promote your brand.

New technologies and ever-changing trends are attracting people to social media. Social media such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or LinkedIn, for example, count billions of users, among others. Advertisers are not indifferent to this situation. As a result, Social Media Marketing is scoring dynamic growth year on year. Around 4 billion users use social media worldwide. In turn, more than 90 per cent of brands claim to use at least two social media in their marketing activities. Professional online marketing agencies use, among other things, the most popular trends on various platforms in order to reach the maximum audience with the greatest possible effectiveness.

Find out what channels the most popular form of online advertising uses. Social media activities include the use of:

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram and
  • YouTube.

On Facebook, the number of users reached 2.8 billion in 2020. In addition, given the efficiency with which the platform collects detailed data on the people who have an account on it, the popularity of FB among advertisers should come as no surprise. There are approximately 44 million active users on FB in the UK and 239 million in the US.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to choose from five main campaign goals. These are:

  • page visits,
  • engagement for a specific post,
  • conversions,
  • likes,
  • video views.

The most popular forms of online advertising on this platform include:

  • adverts - images,
  • collections,
  • carousels,
  • slide shows,
  • instant materials (canvasses),
  • video advertising.
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Instagram reigns undivided in social media marketing. It belongs to the Facebook ecosystem. In the USA, the number of users on this platform reaches around 159 million and in the UK 32 million. Places where you can advertise via IG are:

  • Instagram Stories,
  • advertising in the form of a sponsored post,
  • carousel advertising,
  • advertising in the form of a collection,
  • video advertising.

As Facebook and Instagram belong to the same ecosystem, it is possible to combine campaigns on both social networks. This is all available in the Ads Manager.

The most popular forms of online advertising on YouTube are:

  • In Stream (skippable),
  • In Stream (not skippable),
  • Discovery video advertising,
  • bumper ads,
  • masthead banner ads.

Youtubers who recommend specific companies also play a role. In this case, even people with a plug-in enabled that removes adverts from YouTube or users with YouTube Premium become recipients of the advertising message.

Social media activities are so much more effective than advertising on television, as they allow you to reach people who are genuinely interested in using your offer. This is all thanks to the ability to accurately target campaigns.