Google Discovery Ads - what's worth knowing?

Google Discovery Ads - what's worth knowing?

Attracting the attention of potential customers is of great importance for any company. Very often, it also requires a considerable amount of creativity. For this reason, many companies choose to use Discovery Ads. Find out what they are and what you should know about them. In this article, we provide basic information about Discovery Ads campaigns.

What is a Discovery ad?

Discovery advertising is one type of advertising that is offered by Google. This type of material makes it possible to use, among other things, the possibilities of artificial intelligence. This allows you to reach your audience effectively. The aim of using such a campaign is to solve a specific user's problem even before he or she decides to enter it in the search window.

The idea is that the adverts are displayed on the basis of topics that specific people are interested in. Artificial intelligence analyses, for example, what websites you view or what YouTube videos you watch, and then selects ads that you might be interested in. An advertiser can target discovery campaigns according to the following criteria, for example:

  • people who are looking for a particular product/service or are in the process of making a purchasing decision
  • specific interests, habits, hobbies, interest category,
  • demographic characteristics such as gender or age, for example.
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Discovery advertising - what does it look like?

Discovery adverts aim to reach new users. As such, they need to look attractive. They are very similar to the flexible display adverts that are available on the ad network. A Discovery ad consists of a headline, an image and a short description. Keep in mind, however, that the text must not be too long. It should contain a short description of what you will find when you click on the ad.

An element that appears very often in Discovery Ads is the CTA (Call to Action). Discovery Ads also allow you to use what is known as a carousel. This works well if your company has, for example, several products or services to sell. In such cases, the user can scroll through and select a particular option from between 2 and 10 ad cards.

Where does Discovery advertising perform best?

Discovery ads have a very important advantage. They display themselves to precisely personalised users. As a result, they work well in the marketing of virtually any business. The industry does not matter. The right design is very helpful in achieving the desired result. As a result, you can also reach people who have not previously had any contact with your brand in an instant and effectively. Discovery adverts can be used by those promoting company websites as well as online shops, for example.

Discovery advertising - summary

Discovery ad campaigns have the huge advantage of effective targeting. They display either a graphic with headlines and a description and company logo, or a carousel of ads. Remember to ensure that the information that is published in your company's ad is consistent with what an internet user will find when they enter your website. If a Discovery ad is misleading, it is rejected by Google's advertising system.